Lip & Facial Sculpting

These versatile injectables can enhance the size and shape of your lips, define your chin and jawline, and even reduce the visible signs of aging at the hands of our expert injectors. Dermal fillers are made primarily from hyaluronic acid (HA), a compound our body naturally produces. Filler injections temporarily soften the visible signs of aging by restoring the volume we lose as we age. They can also improve the facial structure by shaping and contouring one’s features, like the lips, jaw or chin. Compared to other alternatives like plastic surgery, injectable fillers are an effective and non-invasive option.

Dermal Filler Pricing

  • Versa $600/syringe
  • Cheek Filler / Mid-face $900+
  • Lip Plump $800+
  • Chin Augmentation $900+
  • Jawline Filler $1700+
  • Nasolabial Fold (Smile/Laugh line) Filler $800+
  • Non-surgical Rhinoplasty $950+

How Long do Fillers Last?

Results vary for each patient depending on how quickly their body processes filler. The average patient can enjoy optimal filler results for 6-12 months and sometimes even longer! For example, Sculptra can last up to 2 years.

Is There Downtime After a Filler Appointment?

Recovery can last from 1-2 weeks and include, minimal swelling and bruising. On the day of your appointment, we recommend sleeping face up and avoiding heavy exercise, salty foods, and alcohol. Icing the area will help to reduce swelling and ease any sensitivity. Arnica Tablets and Gel can help to speed up the Recovery Process.

Can Fillers be Dissolved if I Don’t Like My Results?

Yes! Most fillers can be fully dissolved in 1-2 corrective treatments. If you do not continue filler injections, they will gradually absorb into the body to return to your pre-filler state.

Are Fillers right for me?

Are you looking to enhance your facial features with dermal fillers? Please schedule your complimentary consultation with one of our expertly-trained aesthetic nurse injectors.